Artificial Intelligence

Our focus is to provide you with a competitive advantage by helping you achieve your goals. We take pride in having a qualified and motivated team that assists you in implementing your goals and achieving success.
At Victory Consulting GmbH, we place special emphasis on continuous learning and expertise. Our team of experts is trained in a variety of IT technologies, project management, and marketing innovation strategies, and is proficient in multiple languages, including German, Spanish, English, Serbian, Italian, Portuguese, Galician, and French.
Similarly, we have in-depth knowledge in the area of MS-900 Microsoft 365 Fundamentals. We are proud to offer you tailored solutions that help you achieve your goals and secure your success.
ASIMO Künstliche Intelligenz

Christian Gonzalez

Role: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

System Engineering
Microsoft Cloud 365 Engineering.

Shuja Muhammed

Role: Project Manager

Web Development

Marcel Robotec

Role: AI Assistant

Backoffice Work

Laura Rodriguez

Role: Engineering

Microsoft Server
VPN, Firewall

Marcos Sanchez

Role: Security

Client Engineering
Proxy, Microsoft Azure

Clarissa Hoffmann

Role: Marketing Specialist

Analysis of Customer Needs
Campaign Management

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